Interview – Alec Bob, UCI Pump Track World Champion

Home Town: Plano, Texas.

Years Racing: 20 years.

2024 Sponsors: Dvide, WD-40, Source BMX, 100%, Rexer Products,, Dale Holmes Racing, Toby Wells Foundation, Genius Gourmet, Yoshimura, HRP.

A couple of years ago, you decided to reclassify from Elite Pro back to Am and then refocus on pump track. What was behind this? I was on my third concussion. Concussion two required a 16-week recovery, and concussion three needed a 9-week recovery. Based on how my third concussion happened, I realized that I could easily get another, and my career could be done. I knew I wanted to keep riding at a high level but also wanted to find something that was sustainable long term.

You’ve had great success in the US Racing pump tracks for the last several years, what do you like about it? I like the lack of structure when it comes to training. You can go to any pump track day or night and pound out laps, jamming to your own tunes.

What’s the scene like currently in the US for pump track? The racing scene has receded a bit for the past two seasons, with the loss of the USAPTC which had racing for amateurs the day after the UCI pump track worlds qualifier. But when it comes to riding for pleasure, there are more pump tracks than ever before. Within the past year, three tracks have been built in the Dallas metro area. Before there was only one.

Internationally, you placed 2nd at the 2022 World Championships and then one step higher in 2023, winning the rainbow jersey. How did it feel to become the World Champion? It was a next level feeling. In the past two seasons, I have been managing my own training schedule for the first time since I turned pro in 2017. I was able to find a balance of training and life off the bike that worked for my schedule but still allowed me to be fit to compete. The jersey was a testament that a coach isn’t always needed; you just need to find ways that you enjoy putting in the work. This year, I incorporated more cross-training between MTB, BMX, MX, and pump, which kept the grind refreshing.

It seems like they really treat the riders well at the World Championships, and there’s good media around the event. What are some other things the organizers do for you guys during race week? The two big individuals I interact with the most are Jacqueline Odermatt and Maryke Zietsman. These women have an incredibly challenging role of wrangling riders from various parts of the world for this event annually. They seem to handle things with ease despite the challenges.

It also looks like Velo Solutions has a lot of input on the events with the qualifier events around the world and seems very professional and organized. Who are some of the guys behind everything? Christoph Müller plays a big role in making sure events run smoothly for everyone.

How do you see pump track growing in the US in the next few years? Now that more cities are interested in tracks, I believe the sport will only blossom as there will be an influx of riders being introduced to the sport. The second layer will be the need for an organized race series at the tracks to help motivate riders and keep them more engaged.

Back to BMX, you already hit up some of the USA BMX Nationals this year. How’s racing these days for you? Racing has been a lot of fun with the lack of pressure around a result. I find myself having more time to converse with old friends and make new ones, which is really nice. On track, I feel as if I’m still pro but just a tad bit slower. At each race, I still get the occasional “You should still be pro based on your speed”, but I just shrug it off as I roll into the gate wearing flats with a smile on my face.

I know you do clinics and some grassroots stuff over in Dallas. How’s that going? How’s the local race scene? Yes, I coach a handful of riders between the two tracks in the DFW area. The riders have been making great progress during our sessions and at events. Both tracks are now working more in unison to grow the scene, which has been fun to see the transition.

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What’s the goal for the rest of the year? I’m thinking defending the world titles has to be up there? Of course, the goal is to defend the pump track title later this year, win as many BMX races as possible, and give back more to my local community.

Long term goals? Be a good person, live in the moment, ride fast and have fun.

Photos: USA BMX / Fifteen BMX


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